Supervision is a vital part of being a good therapist, yet finding a supervisor who you can connect with and feel safe enough with to reveal doubts and imperfections to can be extremely difficult and anxiety-provoking. Choosing the right supervisor can help us achieve much more as a therapist and feel much better about ourselves and our work.

Over my years as a clinical psychologist I have gained extensive experience in supervision at all levels of therapist skill and qualifications. This has included assistant psychologists (and their equivalents; graduate mental health workers and psychological well-being practitioners), trainee psychologists, other professionals training in CBT including psychiatry, as well as qualified CBT therapists. In addition to receiving my training from the University of East Anglia I was also fortunate to attend further training with Derek Milne, one of the country’s current leading experts in clinical supervision. As an accredited member of the BABCP I am qualified to supervise other professionals working towards their own accreditation.

Running through my practice as a supervisor is a strong emphasis on the supervisor-supervisee relationship. By creating a trusting and secure environment where the therapist feels safe and contained, I believe that skills, knowledge and self-reflection can then be optimised to the full.

Fees for supervision are set at £80 per 60 minutes for those self-funding and £90 for 60 minutes for those being funded by an organisation. If you are interested in finding out more please contact me to discuss your needs further.

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